His Last Witch Hunt

Released on 2nd of February 2017, but you can preorder now.

It is 1646 and England is in the middle of a civil war, but Matthew Hopkins is fighting another war. One against witches, but where he once was seen as a saviour, now the tide is turning against him. Dying, Matthew has no other choice to place his reputation into the hands of one girl, whose witch trial could make or break him forever.
Jared Wilson has been sent across East Anglia to find Matthew Hopkins and destroy his reputation. Too many have died at Hopkins’ hands and now it’s time for it to stop. Tracking him to a small village, a young woman has already been arrested for witchcraft and Jared makes a deal with her to help destroy Hopkins in exchange for saving her soul.
Sinead Crowley is an outsider in Hopton Village. Hated and feared, by many, but when her only friend dies unexpectedly, she finds herself accused of witchcraft and face to face with the Witchfinder General. But Jared wants to destroy Hopkins and with the promise of a clean soul, she now must decide on whose side she will stand on for her freedom.



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