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A Muse Called Ben

Many of you who have read a few of my works, will notice the use of the name Ben in most of them. So this post is explaining who this Ben is.

I am very lucky to have many people around that inspire me, but one does more than others and that is my best friend Ben. We met over ten years ago when we worked together and since then he’s done nothing, but push me towards success. Life has taken us in very different directions and we rarely see each other. He’s an astrophysicist and I’m the writer. Two very different outlooks, but still close. When we do see each I always feel inspired to push myself harder.

He makes me feel like I can achieve anything and for that I am grateful. There is not many who can make you feel that good about yourself and he does. So, that is why I call him my muse and as a thank you, I call a character after him, although I’m not sure he appreciates the characters I’ve so far chose. He’s usually an old man.

So there you go. That’s the reason for the over use of the name Ben and who he is to me. My muse on earth.

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