The Boleyn Effect

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“A well written, gripping, page turning book that entertains and yet draw a modern comparison of the great love affair between Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn that rocked the Church of England with Deborah Foulkes’ characters Harry Cobain & Leigh Anne Boorman. The twist at the end was both delightful and entirely plausible. It would make a great filmed drama and I hope that wish comes true…soon!”


‘Anne Boleyn was an amazing woman and I bet none of you could do what she did.’

That was the start of the challenge set down by George. All Leigh-Anne had to do was seduce married Harry Cobain, the Dean of George’s university and the debt she owes George will be cleared. An innocent game of flirtation. But George has other motivations and soon Leah finds herself playing a very different game. Can she get through this without losing her head like Anne Boleyn did? 

Set in the historic town of York are you ready to follow Leigh into a game of deceit, betrayal and love.

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The Boleyn Effect


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  1. I just finished “The Boleyn Effect”. It is a great story–loved the way you incorporated the historical names in the story: George, Harry, Katherine, (Leigh) Anne, Elizabeth, Jayne, baby brother. I couldn’t wait to finish. But then I found the Alternate Ending (Epilogue). No, no, no!!! I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed for about 20 minutes. I may start sobbing just thinking about it. Something good had to come from that miserable mess.

    I absolutely did not like the alternate ending. Please don’t do this again.


    • Thank you so much for your comment although I’m sorry I made you sob. The alternative ending was my favourite, but just because it mirrored Anne’s own tragedy, which makes me cry everytime.


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