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Mina Marley: The End is Nigh

Right now I’m in the process of writing the final installment of The Mina Marley Chronicles and with it is not only the sense of sadness that comes from leaving some characters behind, but the fear also. With five books, I’ve taken readers on a journey through the life of Mina Marley and others of Supton and now it’s time to tie everything up  in a nice neat bow. Making sure that every plot has been filled and and I’ve not left anything hanging or open, that I haven’t intended anyway.

I’m accustomed to saying goodbye to characters. My first book was a trilogy called The Higher and I struggled to say goodbye to them, but with Mina it seems that she’s become so much about what I am as an author. My product and selling point. This character that was once just a way to get traffic to my website has grown into something I didn’t quite expect.But it’s given me a chance to really look at my lead protagonist in real depth.

I wonder if there’s a little of everyone in Mina, the awkward, self concious woman trying to find a little peice of herself in a world she feels she fights against. She is trying desperately to lead a normal life in extraordinary situations and her love life is as about as complicated as it can get. She loves two men,one who is literally made for her. Her perfect match and can give her anything and everything, but her heart wants another. He hides his feelings, dissapears on a whim, afraid to commit to any feelings, but when another is on the scene becomes possessive. Sound familar. Mina, it seems, embodies the complexities of being a human, where we want so much of what’s not right for us instead of taking the gifts that are given to us. Mina Marley is an Angel and an Incubus, with both heaven and hell running in her blood, yet to me she seems more and more human the further into the story we go. Her struggles are just the same as ours, right down to whether we take the good or the bad.

Mina can also be very selfish in her actions, it’s all about herself and how she feels. In book three, she runs away with Micka after Sebsatian has invested so much into her. She knows that deep down, she is going to hurt the pair of them. Sebsatian, because she has gone with another man and Micka, because for them being together he will have to fall. There are severe consquences to what she’s doing, and she is constantly told so, but she  does it anyway. This for me doesn’t make me hate her, but feel frustrated. How many times have we been in a situation where we’ve known damn well the consequences of our actions will have a negative impact and yet in the heat of the moment, it’s about our needs.

But there are positives to Mina, she’s very loyal and loving to those around her. It seems she doesn’t mean to get into the situations she does, but circumstances edge her that way. She’s fighting not only her own war, but others also. Supton is full of supernatural beings that have chosen to live as humans and each one as their own issues, but Mina is always there for them. She tries her best and sometimes messes that up, but over all she does get the job done.

The polar opposites of what’s inside her. The heaven and hell in Mina, I’ve enjoyed playing with. Because as humans we have the capacity also. Not many of us are all Good or all Evil, but many of us the elements of both, what sways our day to day choices is our free will. When that person is rude or cuts us up, it’s our free choice to whether we walk away or we smash their face in 🙂 and I think that’s what I’m trying to convey with Mina Marley’s character. She has both angels and demons dictating to her how she should live her life, yet every choice she makes she tries and makes it herself. Her mistakes are usually her own, but like with many of us, it’s easy to blame one side or the other when things go wrong, something I’m exploring with Mina right now. A culmiation of events has left my character resentful and angry and right now she blames everyone but herself. Maybe she’s right in this instance, but it also gives you pause for thought. When things go wrong in your life do you blame that traumatic event from childhood or do you think well maybe I’d got here anyway.

Mina Marley is by far my favourite character I’ve ever created and I will miss her when she’s gone, but I think I can safely say, I’ve created one that is so multi-dimensional that many readers will be able to relate to many of her trials and tribulations.


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