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Meet my Character

With the imminent publication of the fifth Mina Marley book: Emergence, I am discussing my characters. Last week if was Mina, now it’s Micka’s turn.

When creating Mina, Micka was there at her side. One couldn’t be created without the other. Perfect balance and partnership.

When writing Micka, I researched angelic lore and worked on what I wanted from Micka and his role in Mina’s life. So, I created a band of angels called the Militants. Pure soldiers of heaven who’s only purpose is to serve and protect and Micka is the leader.

When he first enters Mina’s life, he’s cold, aloof and secretive, but the bond created between he and Mina, changes everything. Finding out that he is Mina’s Godfather complicates matters as does the mere fact Mina belongs to Sebastian Daniels by the order of Micka’s masters.

Mina describes him as nothing like the other angels. The angels wear human suits to communicate with those not themselves. Many chose suits that exude power and strength, but Micka doesn’t. He’s smaller in height with a lean body, but he’s greatest physical characteristic is the mop of unruly dark hair that Mina asserts is untameable.  Instead of the normal dark suits that is uniform for angels in human form, Micka opts for the casual red plaid shirts, with a t-shirt underneath and blue jeans.

I’ve had a lot of fun developing Micka as a character and with no voice, readers only note those changes through his actions.  He will do anything for Mina, but continually fights with what he is trained to do.  That’s one of the reasons I have not and will never give him an internal voice. He needs to remain a mystery even to me sometimes, because I like never really knowing what he’s going to do next.  It keeps me interested in him and I hope that’s the same for the readers.


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