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Weight Loss, Grief and the 5K

If any of you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook then you’ll know that around September time last year I decided that I would do the 5K Race for Life. Now I’d done some of it, but given up during training. It was a little half-hearted to be honest, but since I’d dropped more weight, size 24-26 down to an 18 I thought what the hell. So I signed myself up and then something unexpected happened in November last year.

I got a phone call while out on a date, that my two brothers were unable to get hold of my dad and even more frustrating, no-one seemed to have a key. Long story short, the door was kicked down by the police and my next phone call from my brothers was that my dad had had a heart attack and gone. This of course knocked me out. It was exactly a week from my mum’s death anniversary too.  But I got my older sister head on and started to get organised and all thoughts of weight loss, running etc took a back seat.

Then January came and I knew it was time to get my arse in gear. I downloaded the Change4Life Couch to 5K and started on week one. Now the first sessions are basically run for 60 secs, walk 60 secs for 20 mins. Easy peasy? Easy Peasy my backside. I sweated and gasped through the whole thing. There was no way I was going to survive this. My fitness levels were zilch. But I’d already signed up and was already getting a team together. I couldn’t really run and walk it and exhaust myself. So I persevered.

After the first week, to my shock I started feeling  a little better about doing it. Even through the rest of the day I’d feel bouncy and energetic and the endorphin were addictive. Remember I was still in the deep throes of grief and any moment of feeling happy and relaxed I was trying to grab at. I was running and working hard and doing that I wasn’t thinking about the obvious. Until  bam it hit me full force.

A day at work was what nearly finished me. A bad day coupled with my stress levels and exhaustion of not sleeping and exercising hard was enough to tip me over the edge. Tears and tantrums and the final admission that I wasn’t okay and I needed to slow down. So I took time off work. Took time off running and focused on dealing with the grief of losing my final parent.

The doctor I saw was supportive and wonderful and though she applauded my efforts to get fit, she was keen to point out that running was not the way to solve my problems. Stick to 3x a week and talk to a bereavement counselor and you’ll soon be fine.

So I went back to it and started again on the week 1 and was sensible doing it only 3x in a week and pacing myself. I needed to get fit. I needed to be healthier and the fact I lost my mum at the age of 45 and my dad at 60, both due to unhealthy lifestyles etc, I didn’t want my daughter burying me as a young age.

Then something like a miracle happened. I was doing my blocks of running and not wanting to stop when I was being told to. My fitness levels were actually improving and it was feeling good. Soon, I was doing five minuite blocks and then Eight and now I’ve just completed the practise of the  5k non stop. Something that I thought impossible. Not bad for a chunky monkey.

Now I’m waiting to do the Race for Life and continuing to run towards my next goal 10k. So here’s my little plug too If you fancy helping me on my way here’s my Just Giving Page.

Just Giving Race for Life

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