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I remember the first time I decided to pick up a pen and write a book. I’d been on a family holiday to Tintagal and there, I had my first connection with Morgan Le Fay as a character. It was a daunting task. Not only was I going to attempt a full-length novel, but I was going to tackle one of the biggest stories around. (I don’t do things by halves)

That was the start of my writing journey and it was a tough one. Crippled with so many confidence issues and others that were personal such as breakdowns in family life, it’s a wonder I managed to keep going. Morgan, sat on the back shelf for a long while and then I had the idea for Immortal. It was as though, I’d planted the seed of a new life and it was starting to grow into something I could work with. Immortal became known as my cursed piece. The damn thing kept getting lost, then corrupted and in the end I just gave up with it. Maybe someone upstairs wasn’t wanting this written. Ironic given the themes. The story is inspired by the Book of Revelations, one of the few parts of the bible that fascinates me. I wanted to explore the idea of what we as a society would do if faced with the Second Coming and Immortal centres around a Preist who must  find out whether a brother or a sister are that. But while it lost itself, I was already plotting The Higher Trilogy. But years later, while tidying up my computer, I found the file for Immortal and it opened with no issues, so with triple backing and mulitple saves, I managed to get it out and published.

As corny as it sounds, The Higher came from a dream I had, and I still have the envelope that I scribbled notes on upon waking. I dreamt that I was watching the moment when God became God and he was appointing his angels. So I started work on the story based on that scene. At that time, my daughter was in the choir and while attending Good Friday, I remember sat listening to the Gospel of Jesus’ crucifixtion and thinking ‘What was God doing while this was happening’ and that was book two.

Mina Marley came as something small that grew into a monster. I needed to gain more traffic to my website to promote my books and so created a fictional online blog series based on a woman who lived in Supton. It was very much going to be like a seralised blog that was updated every Wednesday for people to follow. But it grew in popularity and the books were born. Telling the story in the style used by Bram Stoker in Dracula. The narrative told through Blogs, Emails, Texts and Phonecalls.

When I started on this journey, I never expected it to take me on the path it did. I may not be rolling in royalties, which would be nice, but I’ve met some amazing people, who I’ve learned a hell of a lot from. Now writing is like breathing, I can’t imagine my life without doing it. It also helped in other circumstances. I’ve made it no secret that I battle bouts of depression and anxiety, and it’s in those moments where I’ve felt like giving up that I’ve always found comfort and solace in writing whatever comes into my head. Venting those emotions into a more constructive way.

And this is why I do what I do. The love and passion of creating something from nothing that gives others pleasure as well as being part of a world where you always have constant support from those just starting out to bestsellers.

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