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Saying Goodbye to Characters

When I set out to write about Mina Marley I had a set idea about how many books there would be and where I would take it, but out of all my characters I’ve ever written these ones have had so much of a life of their own. For example the series was originally called Micka and Me and was going to be solely about Mina and Micka’s love story, but by book three and the start of four, I began to realise that the title was a mis-sell. The story was developing and Mina was taking control of the story and it became ¬†all about her journey so I renamed the series The Mina Marley Chronicles.

Now I’m well on the way with book five, this should have been the final one with one spin off., but not the Supton clan want a sixth book and it seems to be a popular decision. So, just as I was getting ready to say goodbye to characters they are not done with me yet, which I don’t mind.



Playing With Perspectives

I was thinking today about some of the books that have really made me think about different perspectives and I wanted to share this one. The author is a friend of mine and writes horror and gore and though now he’s gone on to movie writing, this book has stuck with me. Yes the book is full of slasher teen gore, but the perspective is from the monster’s and as a reader I found myself sympathizing with him. I was torn between Edward being the victim and being the monster. Plus the ending of this book packs a sick punch right in the gut.

But I am a fan of the twist on perspectives and I, myself do the same in my writing. I try and playing with stereotypes and make the reader question their beliefs. I chose to do that with my vampires in The Mina Marley Chronicles by making them less shiny and beautiful but the lowest of the low. Dirty pitiful creatures that no one wants to touch.

So the book is called Hammerhead by Garry Charles and if you’re so inclined then give it a go and see if it affects you like it did me.

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