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As I prepare for the Christmas and the New Year festivities, my mind is already turning to what will be coming up in 2014 and I have a feeling that there will alot of exciting stuff to come.


First of all my second book that I ever wrote called Immortal will finally be released. This book has given me a lot of grief due to it’s habit of going missing or being destroyed. The suspicious part of me thinks it’s due to the book’s theme. But I am not taking any chances with it now and saving it everywhere I can. There’s been a lot of positive buzz around it already by the test readers and that in itself thrills me.

I will also look at completing the final two Mina Marley Books and so ending the Supton saga.

There’s also a collaboration that I am very excited about working with a brand new writing talent. It will take me back to my fantasy roots like the Higher. It’s the first time I’ve ever written with someone else and being two different writers will certainly add to the challenge.

This year has taught me some lessons and many of them have been hard ones. I’ve learned alot about friendships and the importance of those that are worth their weight in gold and those that are just gold plated.  Contacts and new friends have given me the confidence and self belief in my writing and for them I am thankful.

I’ve had mixed success in my writing this year. Micka and Me is going from strength to strength with new readers and fans. The Boleyn Effect was the surprise of the year. Downloading in the thousands and with mixed reviews I’ve been very happy with how it’s being received.

So here’s to 2014 and blessings for the new year.

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