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Achieving Another Goal

On Sunday 27th July at midday aprox I crossed the finish line and marked off another achievement. In previous post I talked about training for a 5k run. Well on that Sunday, I did it. The week running up to it, I was plagued with nerves. I’d been unable to train for a few weeks due to illness and those last minute doubts were setting in. People said not to worry about it. If I walked some of it, I’d still achieved something, but it wasn’t good enough. For me, I needed to prove that I could run 5k. 

So there I was with my fellow runners at Rotherham stadium getting ready for a warm up and the atmosphere was electric. There was so many messages from those who had lost and those who were fighting and surviving and it makes you realise how lucky you really are. I felt honoured to be part of such a great cause. My year has been a tough one. One where I’ve had to learn to accept that I can’t always be strong and its okay not to be sometimes. However, I’ve always had my health and there are some that are fighting tougher and bigger battles. I now count my blessings and I urge you all to do the same. One thing someone told me to do is to keep a positive jar. Everytime something good happens write it down and put in the jar. Then every three months, take them out and count them. That way we stop focusing on the negative and count our blessings. 



It’s all Greek to Me

I am currently still trying to adjust to the barely warm climate of good old Britain after spending the week in the island of Santorini. The sunshine, the sea, the sand and the relaxed atmosphere, it was hard not to fall in love with the place. My best friend and I had been invited to a wedding there, which took place at Santo Wines which sits on one of the highest points of the island. The scenery was stunning and so was the wedding, bride and groom looked absolutely beautiful together. It’s my friend that is close with the family, and I was the outsider, but even on day one I was made to feel like I’d been part of the family for years and I felt honoured to be part of their special day.

Santo Wines on Santorini Island

Now I am unaware of how much you know about the island, but its beauty is caused by its violent history. The island was once one larger island, but sometime around 3600 years ago one of the largest volcanic eruptions tore the island in the shape it is now. Santorini, the mainland; the volcano and Santorini’s little sister. In the picture above you can see the remains of the volcano which is still active, the last eruption in 1950. So for a day out we went to climb it and have a look. The day we went on the boat trip to go the volcano, we sat in the boat in anticipation of what to expect. The captain had informed us to take loads of water and there’s no hiding from the sun, so while stocked up on water and suncream, a lady on the boat pipes up. “I hear that it will melt your flipflops” to which my friend and I look down at our lovely footwear and near on panic. “But who would wear flip flops to climb a volcano?” Good question. Two girls who are on holiday. So we shrugged it off and decided what the hell let’s Bear Grylls it girl style. When we got there, it was purely amazing. This desolate piece of rock barely touched by human hands felt almost other worldly. It was nature at its best. The beauty that such violence can create. I loved every minute  of it. I am fascinated by geology and how the land has changed and adapted over the earth’s lifespan and this was stunning. And when we got back on the boat, with our intact flipflops, we were able to tour the island and see exactly the parts that would have been inside the volcano originally.

Inside the original crater

We finished our day going to see the famous sunset in Oia. On the boat we would have one of the best views of watching the sun go down and was one of the things I was excited about. Yes we see the sunset here, but nothing compares you to the beauty of watching it with nothing in the way. It just descending into the sea. Filling the sky in its pinks, purples and oranges.

Oia Sunset

So now I am back home in what feels like tepid weather conditions and with Micka and Me 4 done and going into edit stages, I am cracking on with some more projects. But I am dreaming of my next trip back to that lovely island. It’s up there with Rome as one of my favourite places to visit and highly recommend it.

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