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The Mythology of Succubi

Recently I was asked about the subject of my new novella and The Mina Marley Chronicles. They had no idea what a Succubus was and as I explained I realised he might not be alone.

Incubi and Succubi were considered sexual demons who would rape their victims in their sleep and their victims would deteriorate in health and some die. It is said that Merlin was fathered by an incubi and the reason for his power.

In the bible, Lilith, Adam’s first wife became the first succubus after having sex with the angel Samuel. (Aaah, your thinking. That’s where Mina Marley comes into it)

In the Malleus Maleficarum written by Henrick Kramer, the succubus would collect semen from her victims, then the incubi would impregnate their female victims. The children would be born deformed and become witches. There is no explanation of why using the semen of human men put into human women would be any different to normal conception. But the Maleficarum is not known for its consistencies

So why the succubus? Well because I suffer with a sleep disorder known as Hypagognia and Sleep Paralysis. It’s a condition where I hallucinate at the point of sleep and so  see “Ghosts” and then have the feeling of being pinned down on the bed unable to move or breathe. These episodes were blamed in days of old on the Incubi/succubi and so doing research into the disorder sparked an interest in the mythology.


So that is when I wrote The Succubus. I wanted to play with the idea that the demon could bring with her a gift to mankind, not unlike Merlin, but whether it was good or bad would depend on the human and that’s what the story is about.




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