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Grammar V’s Style

Ever since the release of The Boleyn Effect one of the common threads in the reviews is the use of bad grammar in the story. Now I’ve decided that maybe I should write about my decision to ignore all the grammar rules I’d been instilled with.

My initial draft of The Boleyn effect was grammatically perfect, but during the early read ups one thing that was brought up was how stilted the voice was. The narrative is in first person and a comment was that would a real person speak in that manner. The protagonist is a young woman who lives in Yorkshire and I’m sorry, but we don’t speak perfectly. In fact who in real life speaks perfectly. So a decision was made and a risk taken.

I sacrificed  grammar for my leads voice. That puts me in the firing line for the grammar police, but is it the best way to go. Is it worth the risk in order to have a style?

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