This page is going to be filled with my monthly recommendations of books that I think might be of interest. They may be personal favourites or books from friends and colleagues. So take a look and you may find something new.

The Year of The Ladybird

Set in the heatwave of ’76, from the very first page, Joyce’s descriptive language set the scene perfectly. Being conceived in that time, I’d heard stories of that summer and it was wonderful to fall so easily into that time through Joyce’s writing.
The story starts with college student David, who finds a job at Skegness holiday camp and from the very moment he starts things are strange and a little alien. Making friends and meeting characters, David finds himself embroiled in a raciest group, while sleeping with one the leaders wife. On top of that he starts to hallucinate about a boy and a man in a blue suit, hence the original name of The Ghost in the Blue Suit.
The scene set is perfect and I found had an undercurrent of being creepy with an otherworldly feel to it. It almost felt like the world inside the camp was seperate from the real world adding to the chill factor. There is a constant appearence of ladybirds, which seem to have meaning, but then in 76 there was a plague of ladybirds due to the amount of greenfly there was.



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