This page is going to be filled with my monthly recommendations of books that I think might be of interest. They may be personal favourites or books from friends and colleagues. So take a look and you may find something new.

You  by Caroline Kepnes

When aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the bookstore where Joe works he is instantly smitten. Beck is everything Joe has ever wanted: tough, razor-smart and sexier than his wildest dreams. He’d kill to have her.

Soon Beck can’t resist her feelings for a guy who seems custom made for her. When a string of macabre incidents tears her world apart there is only one person she can turn to. But there’s more to Joe than Beck realises and much more to Beck than her perfect facade. The obsessive relationship quickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly consequences..


I read this book after reading Gone Girl and Before I go to sleep, and successfully overloaded myself with the creep factor. Not only is this book creepy and disturbing, one of the surprising things I found was how much I started to sympathize with the bad guy.

Despite the write up, the biggest surprise is the perspective you are reading from. It’s Joe’s story and about his love and passion for Beck. She is his perfect woman and sets out to become the prefect guy for her by stalking and breaking invading her privacy. His actions are obsessive and not healthy and you get that from the very beginning. However, Kepnes story telling hooks you deep from the first page. But what I found clever about it was by around the middle of the book, when things start to go wrong for Joe is how much you turn around on him. You start to understand his actions and why he’s mad. That in itself is disturbing and very clever of Kepnes. Yes, I know I have penchant for sympathizing with the villein, but even I know that  everything that Joe does throughout the book is very wrong and yet, there’s a need to see Beck get her punishment.

This book has been labelled as a romance, but I think that’s a wrong assessment. It’s a thriller with twists and sick turns that leaves you questioning your own morals and values. I read this book in no time and couldn’t put it down, which is not good when you are late back from lunch because you need to read a little bit more.  It highly recommend it and would easily give it  5*

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