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The Start of a Series

With the release of Ouroboros, Micka and Me book 4, I’ve been looking back at how this series started. Four years ago, I sat with one of my friends Jan Steele and told her my idea. I needed a way to increase the traffic to my website and get people interested in my books and what better way then to do a weekly fictional blog.

‘I want to write something that is a mixture of True Blood and Mork and Mindy,’ I said. ‘Do you think it will work?’

‘Of course it will. It sounds a great idea.’

So I wrote the very first episode with the promise from Jan that she would read each one before going live on the website. That very first post had the humour and lightheartedness I was hoping for and it seemed to be a hit with readers. So every Wednesday a new episode went up and each week the traffic increased as people wanted to read more.

When it came to planning, the structure was very fluid and though I had some ideas of the where the story was going to go, often the characters seemed to take a very different path. It was as though they were leading events rather than me. One example was the introduction of Candice Rose. The dark faerie cousin of Jaq Rose. She was meant to only ┬áserve a purpose in one episode so that I could write a scenario I thought amusing. That wasn’t to be. Readers loved her and so did I and now in book four she is one the pivotal characters within the story.

So once the blog took off, I decided to do something that was a bit risky and that was produce the blog in book form and incorporate other characters. The idea would be that using Bram Stoker’s model for Dracula, I would tell the story using blog posts, emails, texts and tweets. It didn’t occur to me then the connection of Bram Stoker and my lead character Mina Marley and her cousin Jonathan Marley.

So what started as a small way of increasing readers to my webpage has grown into the monster that it is now. And as I write the very last book there is a tinge of sadness of saying good bye. It’s not always been an easy ride, but I have enjoyed that world created and I hope you love them all just as much.

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