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Grimms and I

Reading has always been a big part of my life and one of my favourite reads was my collection of The Brothers Grimm stories. My favourite being Faithful John. A story of how a faithful servant saved his prince and paid the price by being turned to stone. Only the blood of the prince’s children would bring him back to life.

What appealed was the darkness of the stories that involved some form of sacrifice in order to get the happy ending and I think anyone who reads my books can agree that I make my protagonist work really hard for their happy ending, showing how much those stories have influenced the way I write.

So, when I wrote Celestia, I wanted to write something that reflected my love of fairy tales and told in a similar way. The story is a typical prince and princess story betrothed to one another, but of course this is one of my creations and so the twists and turns in the story and characters have a darker side. I play with the stereotypical characteristics and have created my own fairy tale, which is both dark and funny.


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