The Legacy of Lilith

10:145, 152-153

Was she thy God,

lovely to attract

Thy love, not thy subjection

Milton’s Paradise Lost




The first book of the Bible, Genesis, talks about the creation of the perfect garden and the creation of Man has always been one of my favourite of all the biblical stories, although one character who is linked but not in the book has fascinated me more.

Lilith appears in Book of Isaiah 34:14, describing Edom, where the Hebrew word lilit (or lilith) appears in a list of eight unclean animals, some of which may have demonic associations. This built the mythology of Lilith being the Queen or Mother of demons.

Her nobles shall be no more, nor shall kings be proclaimed there; all her princes are gone. Her castles shall be overgrown with thorns, her fortresses with thistles and briers. She shall become an abode for jackals and a haunt for ostriches. Wildcats shall meet with desert beasts, satyrs shall call to one another; There shall the Lilith repose, and find for herself a place to rest.There the hoot owl shall nest and lay eggs, hatch them out and gather them in her shadow; There shall the kites assemble, none shall be missing its mate. Look in the book of the LORD and read: No one of these shall be lacking, For the mouth of the LORD has ordered it, and His spirit shall gather them there. It is He who casts the lot for them, and with His hands He marks off their shares of her; They shall possess her forever, and dwell there from generation to generation.

Then around 13th Century, in order to explain some inconsistancies within the Old Testement, the Midrashic Literature, explained that Lilith not Eve was Adam’s first wife.

At the same time Jehovah created Adam, he created a woman, Lilith, who like Adam was taken from the earth. She was given to Adam as his wife. But there was a dispute between them about a matter that when it came before the judges had to be discussed behind closed doors. She spoke the unspeakable name of Jehovah and vanished.

It is from this mythology that the seed grew from The Mina Marley Chronicles. I wanted to create a story where Lilith is born again as Mina Marley and as well as telling her story in a modern setting. I wanted to link Lilith’s creation with that of the Supernatural world and play with the idea of her being a Mother or Queen. My tag line is that both Heaven and Hell want her dead. The idea that Mina as Lilith has the power of both realms running through her veins makes her uncontrollable and unpredictable. The Powers that Be ultimately want the reunion between her and Adam (Sebastian Daniels) who upon finding out that the angels had tricked him with a new wife (Eve) flew in to incandescent rage. The deal was made that he would remain immortal until Lilith was reborn and he would have what was his. But of course, nothing ever goes to plan, because far too many people have meddled in Mina’s life that it all goes wrong.

So upon writing the back story of Adam and Lilith, I tweaked a lot of the original Adam and Eve story and melded it into Lilith’s. I wanted people to look at her as less of evil demon or disobedient wife, but one that was curious and wanted to know why Adam was preferred over her. I wanted to also create a back story of Lilith’s link between herself and Supernatural creatures giving a basis of why Supton was built and why Otherworldly creatures flock there to live.

For me, Mina Marley is as much human as she can be despite her supernatural heritage. Born from an angel father and a succubus mother, yet she embodies what I feel Lilith is to us women especially. Choosing not be submissive, but standing up for ourselves and being strong in a positive way. Mina has the power to destroy everything in her path and yet doesn’t. She loves and hates equally, but knows that actions have consequences. She makes mistakes and has poor judgement sometimes. However, that’s how God made her. She was made with flaws, because if she wasn’t then she’d be almost angelic in purity.

So if you choose to join Mina on her journey, then keep that in mind, because for me Lilith is more relatable than Eve.

This is my version of the Garden of Eden story told by Gabriel

Gabriel’s Story


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I was born and bred in the Yorkshire market town of Selby, which is lucky enough to have an historic abbey church at its centre, also being a 30 minute car drive to famous York, I use every bit of that history to create new worlds. My degree is in History and English Lit, but my leaning is towards history. I have a fascination with the Tudors and I’ve been told by a University tutor, I have an unhealthy liking for Henry VIII. That said my area of expertise study wise is Matthew Hopkins and the so called witches of the 1600’s. Books have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember and I count Stephen King, James Herbert and the Brothers Grimms as my literary heroes. I have a fondness for the macabre and a weakness for the antagonist of any story. By day, I work in a public library and by night or days off, I am hitting the keys of my lovely blue laptop

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