Achieving Another Goal

On Sunday 27th July at midday aprox I crossed the finish line and marked off another achievement. In previous post I talked about training for a 5k run. Well on that Sunday, I did it. The week running up to it, I was plagued with nerves. I’d been unable to train for a few weeks due to illness and those last minute doubts were setting in. People said not to worry about it. If I walked some of it, I’d still achieved something, but it wasn’t good enough. For me, I needed to prove that I could run 5k. 

So there I was with my fellow runners at Rotherham stadium getting ready for a warm up and the atmosphere was electric. There was so many messages from those who had lost and those who were fighting and surviving and it makes you realise how lucky you really are. I felt honoured to be part of such a great cause. My year has been a tough one. One where I’ve had to learn to accept that I can’t always be strong and its okay not to be sometimes. However, I’ve always had my health and there are some that are fighting tougher and bigger battles. I now count my blessings and I urge you all to do the same. One thing someone told me to do is to keep a positive jar. Everytime something good happens write it down and put in the jar. Then every three months, take them out and count them. That way we stop focusing on the negative and count our blessings. 



About deborahcfoulkes

I was born and bred in the Yorkshire market town of Selby, which is lucky enough to have an historic abbey church at its centre, also being a 30 minute car drive to famous York, I use every bit of that history to create new worlds. My degree is in History and English Lit, but my leaning is towards history. I have a fascination with the Tudors and I’ve been told by a University tutor, I have an unhealthy liking for Henry VIII. That said my area of expertise study wise is Matthew Hopkins and the so called witches of the 1600’s. Books have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember and I count Stephen King, James Herbert and the Brothers Grimms as my literary heroes. I have a fondness for the macabre and a weakness for the antagonist of any story. By day, I work in a public library and by night or days off, I am hitting the keys of my lovely blue laptop

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