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People and Their Impacts

I have always been very fortunate in my life to have some good people around me, who have helped shape who I am and where I’ve ended up. My parents, of course, lay those foundations. My upbringing was a hard, but good one and was always taught the importance of good manners and respect for others. I suppose as a child you don’t always appreciate their efforts, but as an adult that respect is tenfold.

Then came my friends some of whom I remain very close and they impact me in different ways. I have friends that fire me up when I feel so low and even lazy. They always manage to say the right things that causes a snowball reaction in my mind and things happen just by being in their presences.

There is the calming ones. Being around them always stills me. I am a manic person, who darts around like a mad arsed fly and yet, its these friends that stills the manic storm inside.

Then finally there are the ones who just push and push for me to do better. Every time I fall down they are there to pick me right back up again. They are also the ones, who like my parents give me the occasional kick up the backside, because many times I need it.

I sometimes don’t think people realise just how much impact they can have on a person’s life whether it’s bad or good. I suppose it’s part of that rippling effect that all that give out moves through one person to another. One such person, I have only met once at a friend’s party and though I probably only spoke to him for maybe an hour or two and then added him as a Facebook friend, I don’t know if he realises how much influence he’s had over some decisions made.

This website for one is because of seeing what he was doing with his own and after talking to him at length about self promotion and its importance, I decided to sort myself out. He gave me a kick up the backside and without realising it. He’s taught me the importance of self belief and how to convey that in my self promotion and continues to guide and sometimes push me in the right direction.

So the point of this post is really to say a big thank you to all you have stood by me over the years. Old and new. But also to really think about your actions towards another person. How are you impacting on their life? Is it in a good or bad way? Because nobody goes unnoticed in this world. Even if you feel that you are worth nothing to noone, someone out there has been impacted by something you’ve done. We are all part of the same lake and are all making ripples.

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