This page is going to be filled with my monthly recommendations of books that I think might be of interest. They may be personal favourites or books from friends and colleagues. So take a look and you may find something new.

As you may be aware I am huge fan of History Fiction and this months recommendation is one of my favourite series. If you love Ancient Rome then you will love Marius Mules Series by SJA Turney, who not only is a talent writer, but one of the nicest men you could ever meet. It also helps that he’s a Yorkshireman. So check him out and join the adventures of Fronto.

2940011235245_p0_v3_s260x420It is 58BC, and the Tenth Legion under Marcus Falerius Fronto are encamped at Cremona awaiting the arrival of the great general Julius Caesar. Fronto is about to discover that politics can be as dangerous as battle, that old enemies can be trusted more than new friends, and that standing close to such a shining figure as Caesar, even the most ethical of men risk being burned.

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