Micka and Me

My name is Mina Marley and I own a rock diner in a supernatural town called Supton. This is my story of how an angel came into my life and how the residents of my town found themselves in the middle of ancient feud, with myself at it’s centre

The Mina Marley Chronicles       Available on Kindle and Paperback

Micka and Me

My name is Mina Marley and I am an half angel. I live in Supton, which is a town where Otherworldly creatures live as humans. This is my story of how an angel called Micka entered and changed my life forever.
It is the Twenty Year Cycle and it is prophesied that a great Being will be born and influence the fate of the human world. With the kidnap of Fae children our little town finds itself in a state of panic and I find myself at the centre.

Micka and Me book cover


Sex, Magick and Power

The Lord of the Manor has returned to Supton and goes by the name Sebastian Daniels. The man that stands before me is nothing like the myth and I find myself growing fond of his company. With Micka gone, I have to try and learn to live without him and there is one other secret to be told. My mother was not human, so what am I? And why have they kept it from me?



The word Cycle comes from both Greek and Latin origins. Gyrus being a term used for something of a circular motion. Now the Cycle is about to come to an end and change Supton forever. ‘I love you too.’ Those words came out of Micka’s mouth as Mina lay unconcious in his arms. She couldn’t be happier. Now they will be together at last. One problem. Sebastian doesn’t want to let her go so easily and Mina is finding hard to let him go too. The Cycle is about to end and Mina will turn twenty seven. She will finally learn what it means to be a true Marley and the price she must pay. Is Supton ready to meet it’s new Queen?

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Coming Soon: Micka and Me Ouroboros

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